Mr Ugbeda is a Senior Geologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Science from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awaka, Anambra State. He has close to a decade post graduation experience.

A self motivated Geologist with strong technical and analytical skills, highly proficient in information technology and has worked with Oilworld till date. His skill sets include representing the company's technical views on operations and technical committee, liaise with Governmental regulatory agencies, preparing technical standpoints and recommendations for operations, map reading and interpretation, seismic data acquisition , processing and interpretation, interpretation of well log data, analysis of core data and contract negotiation, management and coordination. He has comprehensive experience in both upstream and downstream sectors of the Petroleum Industry.

He is an active member of some professional organisations such as Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist (NAPE) and American association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG).
Alhaji Sulaiman Ewugi is a trained Banker with over Three decades experience in the industry. He also has substantial interest in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.
Ugbeda Ibrahim Andrew
Senior Geologist
Mr. Jordan Fouche is Chief Operating Officer with Oilworld Ltd. He holds B.Sc (Hon) and Master in Business Administration (MBA); he has over 25 years experience in International Oil Industry.

He worked with Soekor and PetroSA as Geologist and Geophysicist until 2004. He was founding member and fund manager with Earth Resource Investment Group.

Mr. Jordan has substantial network in Europe, America and Africa. He has extensive geological experience throughout Africa as well as other international areas and comprehensive experience in both upstream and downstream sectors of the Petroleum Industry
Gbenga Olawepo
Chairman Oilworld Ltd
Mr. Toyosi Gbenga Olawepo is the Chairman of Oilworld Limited. He has being in private business for about twenty three years, working substantially in the energy sector worldwide. He is also the Chairman of Bresson A.S Limited one of Nigeria's pioneer Independent Power Producers and Chairman of Bresson Energy UK, an Oil and Gas company that also specializes in Independent Power Production in emerging economies. Likewise, Mr. Olawepo is the President of Transnational Energy Corporation, TEC in the USA, which specializes in Oil and gas exploration and trading.

A graduate of the University of Lagos Nigeria, he holds a Masters' degree in Global, Affairs from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom, where he won the prestigious Max Bellof Award for Best Student in Global Affairs in his cohort. Mr. Olawepo trained at the International Human Resource Corporation (IHRDC) in Boston Massachusetts where he completed a certificate in International Petroleum Management. Mr. Olawepo has been recognized nationally and internationally.

He was awarded the Kwame Nkrumah's Leadership Award by The Africa Students Union (AASU) and the Veteran Award in Caracas, Venezuela in 2005 by the World Federation of Democratic Youths.
Mr Jordaan Fouche
Chief Operating Officer
Mr Vincent Gueneau is a trained Engineer, Investment Banker and Private Equity Investor with over 20 years experience and impeccable professional track-record in the Energy Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, notably in Nigeria.

He started his career in the French Power Group ALSTOM beforebecoming a successful Entrepreneur in the Oil Services Industry, subsequently serving as a Senior Adviser and Managing Director in RENAISSANCE CAPITAL, before founding a Private Equity Fund in Mauritius called ABUCAP (Africans BUilding CAPacity) which invests in Sub-Saharan Africa's Energy Sector, and KAPPAFRIK Ltd, an Investment Advisory company based in Nigeria.

He was a party or advised multiple Private Equity transactions in Africa, as well as in the Public Privatisation Process and has served for 5 years on the Board of the French-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and for 3 years as an Economic Advisor to the French Ministry of Finance & Industry ( "CCE" Nigeria Section, by appointment of the Prime Minister ).
Vincent Gueneau
Mr. Emeka Okafor is a highly experienced petroleum explorationist with over 32 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry. He led a couple of indigenous companies including Atlas petroleum to production as Managing Director. He has worked with Nexen Oil, Oriental Energy and NNPC. He is a graduate of Geology from University of Nigeria Nsuka.

Mr. Emeka Okafor has expertise in the direct detection of hydrocarbon reserves and was one of the pioneer students in this area of study. His experience as an explorationist cuts across the entire Niger Delta, the Chad Basin, and even the west coast of Africa. He has also successfully negotiated several Joint Venture agreements with international companies and governments, and also managed the exploration and the development of oil and gas assets.

Mr. Okafor joined the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation as a trainee geophysicist in 1979, and rose to the rank of Deputy Chief Geophysicist before voluntarily resigning from the corporation to support the indigenous initiatives in the upstream sector of the oil industry, in the year 1993. Mr. Emeka Okafor joined Atlas Petroleum Limited, an exploration and production company, in the same year 1993 as the Chief Geophysicist of the company, and later became the Managing Director of the company. During his tenure in Atlas Petroleum Limited, He saw the company successfully from its first well to production stage. He later resigned from Atlas Petroleum to go into petroleum exploration and development consultancy.

Mr. Okafor has consulted for several companies including Solgas Petroleum Limited, Nexen E&P Services Limited (formerly known as Canadian Petroleum), Oriental Energy Resources Limited, Eurafric Energy Limited etc. He has represented the country via the NNPC in some important international assignments including the seismo-structural and stratigraphic review of exploration and development assets.
Emeka Okafor
Alhaji Sulaiman Ewugi